The OX Gin Negroni

OXGINS Negroni Cocktail
The OX44 Gin Negroni is, quite simply, our most favourite cocktail. In fact, we have dubbed it as the perfect cocktail. The secret to the perfect Negroni is to ensure that you use equal parts OX44 Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth. It couldn’t be easier to make, although, you need to ensure that you do use a great gin. This cocktail is intended to be sipped and it is so refreshing on a hot summer day. Be warned now though, it does not hold on the ABV (hence the sipping nature of the drink)

The perfect cocktail is a mixture of bitter, sweet, dry, and refreshing which makes it such a delightful tipple. It is crimson in colour that has developed a reputation as one of our summer faves, but if the truth be known there is never really a bad time to get mixing one of these babies!

We hope you enjoy!


35 ml OX44 Gin
35 ml Campari
35 ml Sweet vermouth
Orange to garnish

How to Mix

Fill a cocktail shaker with cubed ice and combine the award-winning OX44 Gin with the remaining ingredients.

Using a cocktail spoon, perform a few rapid turns of the spirits before straining into a tumbler filled with large cubed ice (we recommend to the top).

Garnish with orange, we love an orange twist, slice or peel.


Time: 3 mins
Makes: 2

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